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This is an unofficial blog of news and info from Diamond Mountain University and Retreat Center which was founded by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of the Dalai Lamas.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

India Blocking Blogs

I do realize this is not Diamond Mountain news. Consider it a technical post. As of this week all blogs hosted by numerous services, including this one (hosted by Blogspot), are completely becoming blocked in India. I'm not proposing any political activism I just want to let everyone know so you can tell your friends abroad, as we probably all have a few.

For more information on the sites posted and why check out this article.

Update: July 20: Looks like the above ban has been lifted (link to new article)



Blogger rama said...

Greetings from Calcutta.

I have recently started a blog, and I would like to request and invite you
to visit this, at:


I would be most obliged to receive your critical comments.

Thank you, and with best wishes and regards,

Yours sincerely


July 19, 2006 5:22 AM  
Blogger Evan Osherow said...

Hi Rama,

So does that mean you haven't had any trouble with Blogspot being blocked in India. Have news services (and me) been misinformed?

July 19, 2006 7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the ban was lifted yesterday:

July 20, 2006 9:42 PM  

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