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This is an unofficial blog of news and info from Diamond Mountain University and Retreat Center which was founded by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of the Dalai Lamas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lama Dome Dailies, Dec 15

From the fragmented pile of a stoneworker, Dennis.

Well, the ladies and gentlemen behind this operation need their time off every evening. On most occasions, much sought after delirium in the Kitchen Yurt eventually leads to activities in the temple. I am proud to have dozed off through most every movie projected onto the wall. The safe shelter of adobe blocks also frequently hosts a battle on the chessboard, or (for those who still have it in them) answering a homework question or 2. Thank yous go out to fine students that you are, you all know who you are (including Ben, Viet, and Aaron) who aren't only volunteers. The best rewards come during DMU term, especially when Geshe Michael asks us to dress up for his Karmic Management Training course. Thank you everyone for welcoming me out into your desert home!

Getting the stone work done is worth a cheer as we are one mile-stone closer toward reaching our goal before the inspection next Monday. This part of the project deserves a huge thank you to Roger, John and Ron who jumped in to haul boulders requiring 4 men and a couple of pry bars. They became bottom pieces to the westwork of the entry vault. It is here where the stone wainscoting morphs from a row of single boulders to a bold front facade. Just as Dan-Viet and I fashioned the final pieces adjacent to front door, Christine surprised us by scoring fluent patterns in the cob, they compliment the puzzle below and it was totally worth picking my head up to see. It was also the first interesting addition to the front of the dome since Becky completed her own project inside the vault, and I can't help but stare in awe! Sometimes I want to invite you all to come and see for yourselves. Actually I figure you'll get your chance with the photos we've put up. The professional photographer now on site to document progress has provided ample opportunity for you to get in on 10% of the action.

Also worth mentioning are the 25 who returned to the Sky Island with surprising faces: Matt, Will, Karl, Katrina, Aaron, Stephanie and Nile.

+Guy and Shashadri showed up with a platter of cookies and a case of coca-cola. Just take the credit!

+Check out Luke's sacred geometry on the back door.

Later on Bert gave the announcement to clean up early, and our teachers were coming to see the dome.

To the hearts of noble aryas.

One of the volunteers who is currently here has a plane ticket to leave on Wednesday but could stay until the 22nd. If anyone would like to donate toward the $150 fee to change her plane ticket that would mean we'd have one more dedicated worker here until the deadline! Please email nicolekdavis@gmail.com if you would like to help.



OpenID 0C0yqqkX0dYOfcWTxPYyH_njdxHnlZE- said...

I am in complete amazement, and not at all surprised at the same time. The work that has been done, the merit generated... and so beautiful! I so wish I would be with you to see the Lamas faces as they walk over that ridge and look upon what everyone has done.

Tonight is "Tuesday Night Dharma" here in Rochester, at Red Lotus. Venerable CHukyi Hla teaching the second chapter of course 15... I will make an announcement about the $150 needed and email Nicole Hla what we're able to do... I will definitely try to call her first... I love and miss you all!!! Becky

December 16, 2008 4:01 PM  
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