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The Diamond Mountain Blog

This is an unofficial blog of news and info from Diamond Mountain University and Retreat Center which was founded by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of the Dalai Lamas.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

2nd Annual Je Tsongkapa Mantra Retreat

From August 15 - 24, the honorable Susan Stumpf, who is just back from a teaching stint in Singapore, will lead the second annual Diamond Mountain Je Tsongkapa mantra retreat.  This is a great way to get comfortable with silent retreats, mantra recitation, and Lama practices.  Susan is a true pro at all of these things and will no doubt lead a powerful retreat.

Retreat is a bit like a wing for flying with a spiritual practice; study being the other wing.  On the Tibetan Buddhist path, without either wing flight just won't happen.  But with them... [insert whistling].  So when you get a chance to do a group retreat with an expert, jump.  As a retreat struggler myself, that's just what I think.  Hopefully we'll see you all (or not see you) in retreat at DM some day.

To register or for more info email Nicole Sanderson (qamariyya at gmail.com).



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